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                                        Name:Vinyl Chloride (VCM)

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                                        Vinyl Chloride (VCM)

                                        Standard compliance: Q/0205 HJH 026-2016, 《Vinyl Chloride (VCM)》



                                        Vinyl chloride (moisture-free radical) ,w/%   ≥


                                        Application: It is an important chemical monomer used in polymer, its polymerization manufactures PVC resin, also, it may be copolymerized with other monomers, Its copolymer is widely used for industry, agriculture, light industry, building and daily necessities.

                                        Properties: Easy to liquefy, and its a toxic substance; it will generate explosive mixture if mixed with air; In case of high heat, there is possibility to occur polymerization reaction, causing large amount of heat generation.

                                        Packaging, storage and transportation: It is usually packaged with pressure-resistant cylinder, tank and tank truck. Avoid in the direct sunlight during storage, far away from oxidizing agents. Must be added inhibitor during storage for a long time or transportation.

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                                        Vinyl Chloride (VCM)

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