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                                        MissionsGreen development  Customer first  Benefit the society  Achievement staff

                                        Corporate Vision:Led by "four modernizations", and strives to become a world-class, domestic leading and modernized chemical enterprise group.

                                        Core Values:Safety  Health and Environmental protection

                                        Top ten safety concepts:

                                        1.All accidents can be prevented.
                                        2.Better safety creates the higher benefit.
                                        3.Safety is the premise of employment and promotion.
                                        4.The staff must accept the strict safety training.
                                        5.Hidden safety danger and risk will be converted into an accident, so we must immediately rectify them.
                                        6.I am responsible for my own regional security, and in the mean time I have obligations on the safety of others.
                                        7.Implementation of the security system does not discount, do not take shortcuts.
                                        8.Never compromise with the safety issues and everyone is entitled to refuse the illegal orders.
                                        9.No safety, no production.
                                        10.During spare time, the safety of staff is also very important.
                                        Top ten safety prohibitions:
                                        1.Smoking in the production area、drinking when working、drinking before going to work, and no safety belts during high-attitude operations are strictly prohibited.
                                        2.No illegal command, and no request other people to do irregular operations.
                                        3.Strictly prohibit to lie about and conceal the accidents.
                                        4.No approval, no “Top eight special operations”.
                                        5.Strictly prohibit issuing the work permit before checking the production field.
                                        6.Draining out the “The three wastes” and hazardous chemicals illegally are strictly prohibited.
                                        7.Prohibit pausing the environmental facilities without approval.
                                        8.Prohibit cancelling or bypassing the safety interlocking without authorization.
                                        9.Using the non explosion proof tools and appliances in the inflammable and explosive area.
                                        10.During the discharge, the operators must stay in the operation site.
                                        Risk control concept:Advanced prevention and full-scale control
                                        Innovation concept:Continuous learning  continuous improvement continuous transcendence
                                        Talents Principle:
                                        1.Be not limited to one type
                                        2.Morality first
                                        3.Platform support
                                        4.Equal opportunity
                                        5.Embody everyone’s value



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